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And Sam here - Sam can be a bit insecure at times, but for good reason. Bless his heart.

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~ Supernatural (rewatching S9)
~ Hannibal (S1)


~ probably Wincest smut

crying over

~ Jared Padalecki
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~ Sammy
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~ JIB Con in Rome
let's talk about...
brother touching (◕‿◕✿)
yes yes hello i'd like to talk to you about two hot brothers fucking each other senseless.
now, just imagine Sam ripping Dean's shirt off, planting kisses all over his chest, but also biting, nipping the skin, marking his brother. also imagine Sam pounding Dean into the mattress, Dean whimpering and begging Sam to let him come (✿ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
you're welcome.
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Jared's flawless hair
do you ever just sit there and feel the need to touch his perfect flowing locks of hair bc same
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Sammy feels
because I basically consist of Sam feels
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Jared's butt
Jared has a cute butt pass it on
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one of the admittedly many many things that kills me about dean winchester is that he actually wasn’t born to be a hunter. he wasn’t raised as a hunter from birth, probably unlike his mom and grandfather. he was born and raised- for the first conscious years of his life- to be somebody’s cuddle baby. he wuv’d hugs. he had somebody cutting the crust off his sandwiches, kissing his ouchies. singing to him and listening to the silly little songs that he made up. tucking him in with stuffed animals and then hearing him say goodnight mister snuggles to his teddy bear when the lights were out. even worse: we know this is dean winchester’s heaven.

so i often wonder how can people look at dean winchester and not immediately know that the he-man posturing is 80% bullshit designed to keep his fucking head above water? in his heart- and literally in his fucking heaven- he just wants to be loved, and to give love freely. to make somebody laugh. to be held.

now, if you’ll excuse me, i have some cereal to eat straight out of the box while i try not to cry.

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sometimes I sit and think about how disgustingly large dean’s heart is, and how overwhelming his love is. can you imagine how he really feels when he loves someone? it must crush him. he probably can’t breathe because he just loves so much, so fiercely, so intensely. sometimes I think about it and it brings tears to my eyes. he’s so loving. and he always reaches out for love, sometmes in the darkest of places. just look at the way he leans into touch. he’s so starved for it. and yet when he accepts you, when he opens up his heart to you, he’ll always be there for you. even if he can’t say it. he’ll show you how much he loves you. and that’s enough. ಥ‿ಥ

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first the stupid sleeveless shirt


then the delicious juicy lips


and now this


the man needs to be stopped

Yeah! Jensen should always wear shirts with sleeves…;-p


demon!Dean at the bar (Sfx Magazine 10-2014 x

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I was just going to scroll by but then I got the joke and burst out laughing

But seriously guys, just imagine them leading humdrum lives like ours.

Meeting people,
Doing things,
The usual business.

Team Free Whatever


I share the burdens
Carried on the heart of one in need

ruedesarchives vs samhellbound
prompt: Forgive Me by Nural


You can not love one brother and not the other. You can’t. If you do, stop watching the show or start over, because you missed a thing or two. It’s not about shipping, about romance or anything else, it’s about two guys who mean the world to each other. And you can not claim to love one if you don’t love the other as well. Because then it means you don’t understand 50% of your character’s personality.

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tipsysam replied to your post: tipsysam replied to your post: petitio…

I miss his s6 muscles!

saame. and his s6 hair!!

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tipsysam replied to your post: petition for jared to shave

Petition for Jared to NEVER shave #ilovebeards

ooh I love him too when he’s scruffy, believe me! butttttt I miss his s6 looks SO MUCH right now :(