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And Sam here - Sam can be a bit insecure at times, but for good reason. Bless his heart.

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Anne | 22 | Germany
(previously fiercesammy)

overprotective sam!girl
(i mean it, if you hate on sam you better leave now or have a look here first and here second)

i live for brother touching
and bottom!dean (⊙‿⊙✿)

jared padalecki is the reason i breathe

you're my weak spot and I'm yours

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credit for sidebar drawing and newstab drawing? yo both goes to me bc i'm fab
no actually i'm totally lame sorry


~ Supernatural (rewatching S9)
~ Hannibal (S1)


~ probably Wincest smut

crying over

~ Jared Padalecki
~ Sammy and Dean
~ Sammy
~ sometimes Sammy

waiting for

~ JIB Con in Rome
let's talk about...
brother touching (◕‿◕✿)
yes yes hello i'd like to talk to you about two hot brothers fucking each other senseless.
now, just imagine Sam ripping Dean's shirt off, planting kisses all over his chest, but also biting, nipping the skin, marking his brother. also imagine Sam pounding Dean into the mattress, Dean whimpering and begging Sam to let him come (✿ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
you're welcome.
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Jared's flawless hair
do you ever just sit there and feel the need to touch his perfect flowing locks of hair bc same
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Sammy feels
because I basically consist of Sam feels
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Jared's butt
Jared has a cute butt pass it on
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rainbows and sunshine


(okay so if we've ever talked, like, at least once, I consider you my friend and I have to put ♥s behind your name and you are probably on here)


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don't you dare
think that there is anything
- past or present -
that I would put in front of you
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Supernatural 9x21: King of the Damned

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favorite jared pictures » 12/?  [  ]

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Jensen Ackles  
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How to Let Your Brother Go

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Jensen at Comic Con 2014 [x]

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sorry but it really does things to me when they suit up

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My talents include taking my bra off without taking my shirt off.

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